Boca Falls has 722 homes with roughly 30 different models. Many of the models can be seen in “flipped” versions and there are some homes that are modified to have larger floor plans or other tweaks.

The largest model in Boca Falls is the stately and nearly symmetric Winchester II with nearly 5000 square feet of living space and two matching two-car garages. This model is mostly, if not entirely, found in The Estates.

Winchester II front from Google.

In Victoria Falls there’s a popular two-story model with 5 bedrooms called the Grand Victoria, with 3250 square feet. It has a ground floor master suite with a overly large bathroom and two walk-in closets. There’s also a ground floor guest bedroom suite, three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs with a loft. The living area is wide open with 18-20 foot ceilings.

Two Grand Victoria models next to each other.

There is also a Victoria model on two floors, similar but a bit smaller with four bedrooms at 3000 square feet.

The Monterey is a one-floor model with roughly 2800 square feet, most common on Rockledge Circle in Mystic Cove. It is sometimes set up as a 4-bedroom like the floor plan below, but there is also a 5-bedroom version.

Monterey front from Google

One of the most interesting models is the rare Lalique, mostly seen in the premium Crystal Pointe subdivision. It doesn’t look special from the street, but the floor plan wrapping around the courtyard is quite different. It has over 3200 square feet of living space.

Lalique front. Image by Google.

Another one-floor model is the Galveston with 2700 square feet and a 2-car garage, seen here in Majestic Pointe.

Image by Google.

The Yale is another single story floor plan, but with a 3-car garage.

Yale model seen on Rockledge Circle in Mystic Cove. Image by Google.

The Inverness is a popular one-floor model commonly seen in Victoria Falls. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths in 2350 square feet.

Photo by Warren Redlich.
Inverness Floor Plan

One of the smallest models in Boca Falls is the Heritage, seen in Victoria Falls and also in Cascades. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms in less than 2000 square feet, along with a 2-car garage.

The Heritage model; image by Google.
For many models in Boca Falls the floor plan can be flipped as this one is compared to the image above. Note that the 3rd bedroom is small and referred to as a den in the floor plan.