Warren Redlich is the best real estate agent in West Boca. Key advantages:

  • Warren knows the West Boca real estate market better than anyone.
  • He can market your home on West Boca News. No one else can do that.
  • In addition, Warren is an attorney so he can give you free legal advice. Regular real estate agents can’t do that either.

Text him or call (561) 536-3645 . Or e-mail him – warren@westbocanews.com.

Read Warren’s articles on West Boca real estate.

For sellers, knowing the market well means Warren is better able to help you determine what price to list your house and what pricing strategy will work best to get it sold. Click the following if you want a real estate agent’s estimate of what your home is worth.

For buyers, knowing the market means Warren can help you find the right home that will best serve your needs.

  • Which homes have the right features?
  • Which neighborhoods have the amenities you want?
  • What do you want to be close to?
  • What schools are best for your children?

As an attorney, Warren can help protect you from some problems that can occur in real estate transactions. Warren has worked on hundreds of real estate transactions as a lawyer and as a real estate agent as well.

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You can also read his Real Estate Resume.

Warren Redlich is a Realtor® with United Realty Group. We do hundreds of transactions in South Florida every year, and dozens in West Boca.

Text him or call 518-225-3710. Or e-mail him – warren@westbocanews.com.